Automotive Restoration & Preservation


No two projects are alike, individual needs are paramount.

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Mechanical Rebuilds & Machining Capabilities


Low production marque and fabrication of unique parts.

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Specialized Maintenance & Competition Preparation


Quality care and tour preparation for specialty cars.

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The JEM Motorworks vision...

As entrusted stewards of your automobile project, we will take the time to include you in the process. We are open and honest throughout the project, and the customer is an integral part of the restoration process. There are no secrets or hidden agendas at JEM Motorworks.

We invest time and research to determine the best approach and techniques appropriate for each individual project. Many classic automobiles were hand built by craftsmen, and these automobiles have a large amount of intrinsic value. With that understanding, we will take great pride and care during the restoration process.

Our customer service and approach to your project will exceed expectations.

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Are you ready to make that dream project a reality?

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