Our Process

As guardians of automotive history we invest time and research to determine the best approach and techniques appropriate for each individual project. With each automobile having its own unique history and story no two projects are alike. All factors have to be taken into account during a restoration, preservation, minor repairs, and service work, of a vintage automobile. In the restoration and preservation of classic automobiles there is a need for old world perseverance and a skill set not commonly found in the automotive world today. Each project will be looked at with the customers and automobiles best interest in mind. A path to an end goal will be mapped out with estimated cost of the project, as well as a feasible schedule for the scope of the work to be done. Here at JEM Motorworks we strive to give the customer the best product he or she can imagine.

Our Story

JEM Motorworks is family run business. JEM stands for J=Jake(Owner) E=Emily(Co-owner) M=More for our kids Myles and Nora, ages 3 and 1. Our business was started about 4 years ago out of a necessity to provide top quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price to the client. You as the client won't be left wondering who is doing work on your project, or what is going on with your beloved automobile. We are a small operation with a handful of employees and trusted contractors, together we can perform any aspect of restoration and fabrication needed for your project.

Meet the Team

JEM Motorworks is proud to have over 25 years of industry experience...


Jake Yenny

Proprietor and Chief Project Manager

Born in Nebraska, bought his first car at age 13 a 1970 Chevelle SS454. Started working at Garrett Tire to pay for said car.  Graduate of the Automotive Restoration Program at McPherson College in Kansas. Moved to Colorado in 2001, joined the team at Custom Auto, under Dave Crouse, and learned period correct Hot Rods. Worked for Jim Stranberg at High Mountain Classics, and was immersed in pre-war French marques including Bugatti, Talbot, and Delahaye. Opened JEM Motorworks in 2013.

Fortune favors the bold!

Now is the time. You have found the team. Start the process whereby your project enters production.