Automotive Restoration & Preservation


No two projects are alike, individual needs are paramount. From a clean up to full restoration, understanding the needs of the client and also what is best for the automobile. Taking time to make a precise plan will ensure all goals are obtained during the process.


Precision Mechanical Rebuilds & Machining Capabilities

Low production marque and fabrication of unique parts. We at JEM Motorworks are versed in a wide variety of automotive marques, from hand built one-off construction to more production based automobiles. We have the equipment and knowledge to fabricate one of a kind and impossible to obtain parts.


Specialized Maintenance & Competition Preparation


Quality care and tour preparation for specialty cars. JEM Motorworks can provide track support as well as seasonal maintenance of your classic automobile or competition vintage race car.


Engine Expertise

Knowledgeable in American V8, Italian DOHC, and Bugatti Engines

Phenomenal Fabrication

Capabilities in both steel and aluminum fabrication.


Full Spectrum Services

Machining and fabrication of one off and custom parts.

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